Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee

Should be clear, by now, I live in Texas. Part of the cultural heritage is one of self-reliance, and that mythos is intertwined with guns.

Separately — see the mini-gun meets a Prius posting, which, ah c’mon, most of my more “red” friends thought that title implied a Prius that became target practice. Who would mount a surplus Gatlin-type weapon, on a freakin’ Prius?

Or why? For the love of the gods… why?

This is pure, macho marketing. Guns, Gods, and Coffee.

I set out to find some, spurred by that notion of mounting a mini-gun on a Prius floor plan. Black Rifle Coffee.

Turns out that the company, Veteran owned, is operated as a conservative backlash to latte-liberals. Bless their conservative hearts.

Didn’t find it on typical grocery-store shelves, but I did note that Amazon carries it. My local sporting good store only seems to carry their own brand of coffee-products, and turkey fryers, so no luck there.

Not too far from where I live, there’s a place called Buck and Doe Mercantile. Gun store. Ammo store. Indoor archery range. Indoor gun range.

In the window? Application to sell liquor.

What could ever go wrong mixing alcohol with semi-automatic weapons?

I love Texas.


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