Astrology Houses


Astrology Houses



In my astrology, over the years, I’ve placed greater and lesser influences on the houses. While the original source is probably traced back to antiquity and the Mansions of the Moon, when I work with Astrology Houses, I tend to stick the simple pie-pieces that combine to make a single, whole circle.

To me, each house represents a specific area in a chart where energies interplay and work themselves out. Portions of a person’s psyche, or bits and pieces of the soul, these all reside in the various houses.

The importance of the houses varies, though. When I’m dealing with a client who has an exact time of birth, “It said (some number and minute) on the birth certificate,” then I take that as either accurate, or cosmically divined as what it should be.

I’ve done this long enough, and in person, I can usually take a quick glance and guess at a time when it’s not known.

Long time. Been at this a long time. Good guesser. Not always a correct guess, but pretty good.

When a time is not known, though, that throws the houses into disarray, and that renders most of the house placement null and void. There are enough planets that don’t switch location every two minutes, and I can read those with — according to others — accuracy.

Helps to understand the dynamics, the way the orbits work, the timing and location, the signs and the meanings of the signs then the houses themselves.

When I ask — or any astrology app — when the question of “What time of birth?” The answer helps with the houses. Determines the rising sign. Helps give some added structure to the Natal Astrology Chart — the building blocks of who we are, or who we might become.

Astrology Houses

Timing is part and parcel of my work. The more accurate information I have, the better information I can deliver. In the last century, the notion of time of birth shows up on most of the modern birth certificates. It helps.

The time of birth, when it’s known, dictates the houses.

If only there was simple instructional manual —

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