Rate Increase

Rate Increase

New Year? New rates. Prices have got to go up. I’ve worked long and hard to keep the rates down, but time and money?

Rates have to go up.

Personal consultations, there are four ways to do this.

  1. Phone session
  2. Horoscopes
  3. Buy the book
  4. See me live
Not Etched in Stone

Kramer Wetzel

Pretty simple. Phone sessions are during regular office hours, whatever those are, usually not nights and weekends. That’s where there’s the price increase. In some examples, this is like coaching, and in some examples, it’s a simple delineation of an astrology chart, and usually, it’s a little of it all, with timing and predictions layered on top. Past lives and notes about ex’s. Long chat with me, personally, with astrology charts in front of us?


Horoscopes were first “penned” in the really late 1980’s, first one was done in cold-water bed-sit in the student barrio in Tempe, AZ. From there, mutations, regulations, and regurgitations, it is what is — astrofish.net. The horoscopes are provided “As is,” and with some weeks, there will be some assembly required. Some days, the metaphors and meanings are eerily prescient — I can be quite good. Other weeks? Apparently I don’t always catch what it is that the individuals are seeking. Doesn’t stop me from presenting the material.


After 20 years of teaching the material I honed it into a simple presentation, an “all in one” class, and offered that up as BareFoot Astrology. That became the third or fourth book, and to this day, with all its flaws, still a good reference point. It covers signs, houses, flavors, baits, switches, and a couple of details woven into the fabric of the text — some stuff real astrologers could benefit from. There’s also the notion that — in book form — this is like one of my horoscopes, only, there is some assembly required. Couple of typos and not all the data is as current as I would like, but the books, BareFoot Astrology, The Portable Mercury Retrograde, and that aged text of mine, Fishing for Love thru the Zodiac, any of the three is a good place to start.

BareFoot Astrology


Catching me live is perhaps the best experience. Problem being, I’m no longer motivated to travel extensively. In the immediate future, it looks like I’ll only be in Austin and San Antonio, putatively hometowns for me. I’ve cut way back on travel because it’s not that much fun, anymore. Not for me. Not in this example, the load up and go, although, to be honest, I have cut my gear to the bone, making for a minimalist arrangement. Good for me. Problem being, yeah, I’m not likely to travel much outside of the established area in the near future.

This is a list of Texas dates for the next year, the big shows in Austin, and the monthly gigs in San Antonio, and sometimes Austin, but the yearly schedule is up. Might be subject to change, but that’s a good place to start. Prices vary with location.


No more New Hampshire, no more Chicago or San Fransisco, not at this time. Like to go back to Seattle, but that’s a personal preference, not bound by good business decisions. Love me some El Paso and Southern New Mexico, but again, not in the immediate future.

My rates have to go up, as it costs more and more to run this show, with costs escalating, and the Rate Increase with the new year is just part of what has to happen.

Rate Increase

The price of the books stay the same. Seeing my live, that’s a cost effective option as well, only, it’s just in South and Central Texas in the immediate future.


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