Black’s BBQ

Black’s BBQ

It’s really a Sky Friday type of image, but, never mind. Doesn’t really belong on that site, either, but I’ll give it an honorable mention.

The purpose of the excursion was to try the new Black’s BBQ in New Braunfels. Meet Bubba, and he had a novel he wanted me to read, so the nominal reason for the trip was the grab that copy of a book. It’s an Advanced Reading Copy, art will show up soon enough.

JAB arrived late, just in commentary, “Yeah that call this ‘BBQ Boulevard’ now,” referring to three exemplary BBQ places in a single city block. Cooper’s, now Cooper’s Old Time. Rudy’s (New Braunfels), and the latest, from the oldest family, Black’s.

Of the three, Black’s has the best heritage as far as BBQ goes, hailing from Lockhart, TX at once, the “Capital of BBQ,” with several internecine boardroom BBQ wars fought, with the clear winner being the customers. Smitty’s, Chisolm Trail, Kruez, and, of course, Black’s.

The Black’s BBQ Legend

Same family, since 1932. Never mind there were lawsuits and patriarchs, and pit master is sometimes that new gig.

Black’s BBQ

I put the coordinates into the phone, and had it gave me directions. Super simple though, just head west from the highway on that main New Braunfels thoroughfare, and there is it, the old Rudy’s. I didn’t realize it until I walked in, the last time I was at that very location, it was a Rudy’s, and there was long discussion about why it was better than most of the other Rudy’s because they smoked their own stuff there.

Rudy’s (the Worst BBQ in Texas) is the victim of another internecine, boardroom battle of some sort, as there are two or three originals, then Austin-area legal spin-offs then the franchises.

When I wandering into the new New Braunfels Black’s, I was stunned. Not much of the floorpan changed, nothing changed but the label on the store. And the product.

Best. BBQ.

My first measure, cf., Two-Meat Tuesday, of BBQ was Green Mesquite in Austin, on Barton Springs. The idea I lived in a trailer park and could smell the old Green Mesquite pit? There is that.

Then, too, it was superlative, and I didn’t realize how spoiled I got with good BBQ right there.

Black’s BBQ

Black’s BBQ. Best. Braunfels.

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