Sears Closing

Sears Closing

Merely a partial list, but one I’m partial to:

Sears 201 S Plano Rd
Richardson TX

Sears 4310 Buffalo Gap Rd
Abilene TX

Sears 851 N Central Expwy
Plano TX

Sears 6001 W Waco Dr
Waco TX

Sears 7701 1-40 W Ste 400
Amarillo TX

Sears 2100 S W S Young Dr
Killeen TX

Sears 3100 Highway 365
Port Arthur TX

At one time or another, I’ve worked at shows in each of those town. Yeah, not Port Arthur, not yet, anyway.

Coincidence? None worth drawing parallel to, but as casual observation? Adapt and change, grow and try different approaches. Or get rolled over.

Hasn’t Sears been on the death watch for years now?

The death of Sears, or near-death experience (NDE)? As the last of the Leo/Aquarius eclipses unfold? Fixed, immovable objects can be moved.

Sears Closing

Change and grow? Or get subsumed?

“Resistance is futile!”

There was a time when the Craftsman brand of tools was top-notch. Made in the USA, and especially, great quality tool boxes.

Kenmore brand of appliances, last time I wandered through the Sears at the mall, girlfriend in tow, I paused and was approached by a young, millennial-type, trying to sell me a washer and dryer.

At some point in my history, the joke was a Sears card was the hardest credit card to get. I had one, at some point, don’t recall the details.

Doesn’t much matter, not now.

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