I Drink Alone

I Drink Alone

For some reason, I can’t recall the rest of the song, but one of the lyrics?

“I Drink Alone…”

Not like I haven’t ever misquoted song lyrics before, or failed at a proper citation, no, not new.

I Drink Alone

But the recent two-step on the inter-webs was Tumblr blocking and dropping some NSFW blogs, with fallout expected to become a chain reaction and mass exodus from that site.

Great hue and cry, naked nipples on one side and common decency on the other side. Maybe hardcore porn on one side, and delicate snowflake net hippies on the other side.

Yeah, so I tend to side with the delicate snowflake net hippies, having been at this game for years — in internet years? I’m positively millennial.

Still, in a more meta way, this points to the problems of having all of one’s product line, or content, married to just one platform, be that Twitter, Tumblr, or FaceBook.

I Drink Alone

Married to one platform, one place to voice one’s opinions and sell goods, or just do stuff? Married to one platform means that one voluntarily gives up creative control, and possibly copyrights, to one’s own material.

Realistically, once an image, or text, is pasted onto a web platform, that material is easy enough to copy. We all dream of viral influences, but the price of that fleeting fame is limited, at best.

But in answer to the question, why I drink alone, not that anyone asked, but the answer?


I discovered, partially just luck, partially wanting to maintain some semblance of control over my own material, that a simple website as a primary contact? That serves me better. I can point to all my various “social media” links and update or remove as need be. Simpler to adjust.

Following that logic, any content I create? Starts here. Then gets dropped in the maelstrom of media and the various arenas therein.


It really makes better sense, with the changing face and Google “algorithms” that get updated every few hours. What was hot last week? Gone.

I Drink Alone

Still can’t think of the name of the song. Thought by now I’d remember it.

Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel

Pink Cake


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