Bad Night at the El Royale

Bad Night at the El Royale

In theaters, now. Based solely on the idea that the great Jeff Bridges is in it? Then call it black comedy? I’m in. Full price. No discount.

What it made me think of, never mind, but I’ve seen portions of that movie set in other shows, movies or TV, not sure. However, the premise is good, if not great, and I’ve been in those motels. Sad places that had seen better days.

So there’s a distinctly retro, mid-century modern feeling to the setting itself. Don’t think the cars line up with actual years, but sure, it could work.

Begs a question about this it feels to be on the other side of Hell or High Water, for that one, iconic actor.

In my weak mind, it begs comparison to a couple of the greatest auteurs of film, Cohen Brothers and Tarentino. On par with those kinds of films, although, not quite as graphic as Tarantino’s trademark cartoon violence, and lacking the emotional pacing of Cohen Bros. films. Similar, but just a little slower.

At the Alamo Drafthouse, the pre-show bits included clips from Casablanca and Key Largo, which, in themselves, help set the tone.

Bad Night at the El Royale

“That was fun.”

Then the usual conclusion, “Kramer, you are a little weird.”

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