It’s a T-Cross, in my terminology. T-Cross image was sketched on the back of a restaurant receipt, trying to explain the basics, the fundamental issues, and pressures at hand.

Mars, our drive, curtailed while it was retrograde and greatly pressured by the longish, lingering square with Uranus. Pressure. Capped off by a slow-moving Venus, not quite retrograde, but hey, almost.

Venus is dithering. Mars is poking. And Uranus? He just wants to “make trouble,” as Uranus does tend to stir the pot, sometimes excessively. Beat to a frothy head, not just stir.

Manure meringue?


astrofish.net cintrine

astrofish.net cintrine

If Mars is the driving element in relationships and Venus is the passive part of relationships, pressure from Uranus makes this miserable. Unless, of course, there is understanding. Understand that this is a tight tension angle, and what this does? It punches problems to the forefront.

It obviates the areas that need some change. Or some consistency.

Some parts of life need to evolve. Some parts need to be left alone. Which is which?

The planets apply pressure, but how this plays out?



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