King Lear on Amazon Prime

King Lear on Amazon Prime

Why watch King Lear on Amazon Prime? Couple of years back I watched a version of Lear done at Winedale, part of the UT Shakespeare at Winedale thing. Amazing performance, and over the ensuing years, it’s one that has stuck with me.

First, the title is The Tragedy of King Lear — hint: does not end well. Spoiler alert, is that really required? The name kind of gives it all away, good chance that King Lear winds up dead. Perhaps this is the original source of the comment, “Only the good die young.”

King Lear on Amazon Prime

In the performance at Winedale, I marveled at the lead, as that kid did an amazing job as Lear. Bathos, pathos, when it rained, it poured. For real. Even though I know what happens? I was so swept up in the moment the actors acting, I was caught off guard. Think I cried a little.

King Lear on Amazon Prime

There are a number of life lessons to draw from Shakespeare’s King Lear, and watching it on Amazon Prime can be as good an exposure as seeing it on stage. Besides, Anthony Hopkins. Sir Tony. I’m sure he’ll do a more than credible job.

Does begat a question, though, seeing a star like Anthony Hopkins, does that enhance or detract from the performance? I really liked him in a highly stylized Titus — and what I recall from seeing that one on screen? I never thought he was anything but titular character, Titus Andronicus. Not that the actor hasn’t played ruthless characters before, no….

So Lear, why see it? It’s troubling, catastrophic, and triggers the questions, longing, love, fidelity, and do the stars govern our situations? Or is it the opposite?

It’s a perfect role for an old man, bordering madness, fame, and family, then, what kind of a legacy is left?

King Lear on Amazon Prime

I’m looking forward to it, myself, but that’s me.

Previously Titus — yes, and none of this ends well.


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