Bad Girl

Bad Girl

Close on the heels of Hush Money, it’s sequel, Bad Girl. Romance. Always a police procedural kind of angle.

And a cult. If it is poised as “Christianity,” can it still be a cult? (Asks a person from Texas.)

I’m unsure — unwilling to dig too far — to see if the books are available as regular books. I was introduced to them as ebooks, and in my mind, they read as such. It’s just that the level of editing, the tautness of the prose itself, nice, transparent authorship. Workmanlike craftsmanship with the word-smithing? Professionally published. That’s good. But only digital? For me, that’s fine. Might be missing some audience. though.

I do adore the “sense of place,” and that, to me, is important — even if it a locale I’ll probably never visit. Or visit again, can’t recall, did I work a show there at one time? Don’t know. Not that it matters, it’s that special insider view afforded to help develop a background for a location. Not sure what details seem most important, but some descriptions manage to paint the picture better. Like, like the author has been there.

“My mom used to say every sinner has a future and every saint has a past.” Page 387.

Too true.

Pacing. Just really good at that. Plus place, a deep understanding of place. Enjoyable thriller.

Bit of stretcher for clues, as the twist comes clean at the end. Still, good stuff.

Two points of note, the third book is out as Private Lies, and the original hook in this author’s works, The Fixer — is available at the good pulp price.

Bad Girl

Bad Girl – T. E. Woods

Private Lies – T. E. Woods

Private Lies: A Hush Money Mystery

The Fixer – T. E. Woods

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