Shakespeare Geek’s The Tempest

Shakespeare Geek’s The Tempest

While I tend to read this mostly online, via RSS feed the has become an interesting source. Strictly amateur. Strictly for fun. Best of all? Really good material. The amateur and “strictly for fun” delimiters? Just means this stuff is really good — without the ivory tower posing. Better than just good.

Entry, from a while back, included an offer to get his white paper on The Tempest, sort of a pre-release effort. Graphically, it’s better than some of my own efforts. Content-wise, it’s an excellent overview of The Tempest, and as such, the précis hits the high points in a concise manner.

Some of the usual questions plus some historical background get included, all valid and relevant facts.

It’s one step away from an embattled wiki entry, with a quick, casual overview. Before seeing the play a second time, I would highly recommend such a piece. It’s short, claims to be 5k words, less than 20 PDF pages, but dense enough to be of value.

Shakespeare Geek’s The Tempest

The quick summation of the basics, who does what to whom and when, with which actor should be standing where, all according to the text, yes, great material. But (Sir?) John Gielgud’s Prospero’s Books and (Dame?) Helen Mirren’s movie of The Tempest, they can set very different tones, as does any production. In a quick, concise manner, the white paper covers possible interpretations.

Shakespeare Geek’s The Tempest

But what does it really mean? Subject to an individual’s own take on what’s there.

More important, though, the tidy little work by The Shakespeare Geek poses the questions and provides a framework. Draw your own conclusions.

Bonus: really cool swag, like a shakespeare geek T-shirt that says, “Mercutio drew first!”

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