Instructions for Guest Posting

Instructions for Guest Posting

Really? Again?

Yes, so I thought I would pen a quick answer, Instructions for Guest Posting on — or any subsidiary sites.

I would suppose, the first place to start is my bio — gives enough biographical data as well as plenty of geographical information. A sense of place is important. Eclectic and esoteric education with a sprinkling of redneck, the classics, bass fishing, deep dive in Shakespeare, and who knows what else, all scattered across the top. Kind of like a seasoning.

I get queried for “guest posts” is because I place well enough with several metrics, I would hazard a guess. Content to link ratio, content to coherently written material, and lack of duplicate content greatest hits excepted.

So far, so good, right?

Instructions for Guest Posting

However, after looking through my entire website, in fact, the whole corpus of sites, my canon of works? Should be apparent that I write all my own material except when I pull quotes for references.

I do have one copy of a translation of Marcus Aurelius, from the public domain, as a free download, but that’s not really any kind of a big deal. Marcus Aurelius Meditations And the Tao, the old public domain copy of that, The Tao Te Ching. Formative literature, publicly available.

So an offer, with a ton of money, to ghost write something might be good, but I kind of have an internal ethics thing that there is a social contract that suggest when it appears under my name? I have to be responsible for it.

So instructions? Send me that article. Send me the entry, but also included a reading fee, I’m thinking a $100 would be about right, and I’ll read the post. If I like it, for another few thousand dollars I’ll post it.

Instructions for Guest Posting

Sounds arrogant, but then, the notion of guest posting is done by a “for profit” entity, for a profit. No reason they can’t share that.



“You’re kidding, right?

Hey, you started it!

$1 deal


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