This Mars Retrograde

This Mars Retrograde

This Mars Retrograde

Always looking for a coherent theme and element to tie together astrological underpinnings? A simple way to get a message across, and reach the maximum number of people while being clear enough to understand?

Mars in Retrogrademetaphor.

How about a hot tip, instead?

One neighbor, well, place I used to live, had this kid. Nice kid, as little snot rockets go, engaging, cute, entertaining, and first — foremost? A kid. Having never had children myself, I have an endless fascination with the way their kid brains work, and knowing where the kid’s Planet Mercury is in the chart? I have a better grasp on learning styles — how that child on-boards information.

In the previous years, that kid would repeat back the last word or two in a statement rendered unto that child, as a question.

“As a question?”

Yes, just like that.

“Like that?”

Yes, just like that.

This Mars Retrograde

Pretty sure the process is familiar, and it can be infuriating, or, we can all take a lesson from this wee one.

I got to spend a whole day around the kid, and for me, it was great fun. At one point, I thought he was winning, as I was almost too tired to carry on, but as I drove him home to his mom’s? He passed out in the child’s seat.

I won.

Hard fought, and it was really touch-and-go hours earlier, at the fast-food place with the playground while he ate nuggets and I looked at my phone, pretending to answer important email. He was all over that playground.

He passed out — hard. Head lolling to one side, and when I delivered him, drool, a long, silvery trail from the corner or his mouth almost to his ear.

I won. (Barely.)

His habit, though, as Mars heads into this retrograde pattern, never seen anything like it, and dependent on that Mercury Placement, he has this habit of repeating back some phrase from the previous command, demand, direct verbal order, or question.

“Or question?”

I’m not above using a kid like that to earn me money. The more I analyzed the placements, and thought about the impending Mars in Retrograde, the more it made sense to ape that child.

Moving forward, July 4th weekend looming in the future, Mars Retrograde (starting in Aquarius) and a Mercury Retrograde next month (in Leo, as in, opposite from Aquarius)?

Moving forward, using what I learned from that kid? Tie the next sentence to the previous one with that form of questioning.

“Form of questioning?”

Exactly. For further reading?


Want to know what it means, the place it occurs, and the symbolism in an individual chart, with the up and coming retrograde action of Mr. Mars?

Analyze the sign, and any natal planets that it connects with, then, the placement of Aquarius — and Capricorn — in a chart. What House? What angles are affected? What does it mean? And what can we do about it?

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