The Fallen

The Fallen

The Fallen – David Baldacci

Starts with a bang, and that short serial précis most good serials offer. Something to update the new reader on who, and what the protagonists are, how they came to be, &c.

About Amos Decker as Memory Man.

Then if memory serves, here:

“2:18 Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear; not only to the good and gentle, but also to the froward.”
The King James Version of the Bible, 1 Peter.

Much prefer KJV, I mean, if one is to get all biblical? Never can tell if a misquoted text is purposeful — or might’ve been from a Revised Standard Version. Lightweights.

Anyway, cop buddies on vacation, turns into murder investigation, blowing , and going, from there. Bodies start to drop.

“Criminal investigations usually involved minutiae piled on top of minutiae, until something clicked with something else, or, sometimes, contradicted something else.” Page 197.

In my mind? It’s a Virgo thing. There’s a wonderful, deliciously twisted piece of the Rust Belt in here, the cyclical decay of the old ways. Then, too, condemnations — judgements — passed by the characters, does make one think. The fabric of the story is quit palpable, brisk plotting.

Previously, I admired the way a story kept going until the very bitter end, like, down to the last two pages, with twists and turns. Must say this one is holding up like that thus far.

Better off understanding it’s part of a series, but jump right in, just about any place, think there are about three books in the group, so far. All good reading, and this just shows why.

The Fallen

The Fallen – David Baldacci

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