Not like I have great Expectations, but I was looking for some off-beat, catchy, informed, Shakespeare blogs. Hoping to find those renegade scholars. One place listed a variety of sources I had not seen, so I clicked through, and the site started the immediate process of signing me up.

The next morning, having already dropped a couple of new sites into my feeder reader, I looked at the inbound e-mail, and I had several from the new service, merely an automated aggregator of feeds, which I already have.

Click-click, unsubscribe then one more click and deleted the account, not without that last, “Wait, we hate to see you go, and can you tell us why you’re leaving?”

  • Because you’re annoying?
  • Because you add no value to the process?
  • Because the up-sell started immediately?
  • Because you “gamed the SEO” to present a false answer?

Pick any combination. Pick all of the above.

$1 deal

Sign up for my site, and you’ll get access to the most current horoscopes, access to all digital texts, commentary and sometimes super-quick replies.

What I offer isn’t that unique, or, for that matter, different. But the price of admission? $1. Up front about that.


When I was plodding around on the web late at night, looking for more Shakespeare scholarship material, the slick way I got sucked into that sales funnel irritated me.

There are a number of good blogs and so forth, plus one podcast that I like, all assuage my Shakespeare itch. What I wanted was more material, and it was my choice to click through. Too bad I didn’t read all the fineprint.

See, this is material, once I find it, this is material that — bloggy-style — publishes on some kind of schedule about a topic that is near and dear to my intellectual bits. Means I can pick it up in a “feed reader,” one that I paid for. Means I can choose when, where, if, I read the feeds.

$1 deal

From careful (not really, more like cursory) examination of the logs from my own site, I know that a number of my customers do the exact same thing.


When I was looking for more, interesting, Shakespeare “stuff,” what I was really trying to find was a few more blogs.

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