Perhaps this is based on pre-adolescent fantasies about Barbarella, but there is something always exciting about the current Jane Fonda. Impressive cast, as an avowed fan of the four female leads, wow.

Yeah, pretty much 80-year old actress porn for me. Based upon the reading of a novel, but just a fun venue for the four leads, then brilliant cameo bits for males.

I’ll take it.

From an artistic perspective, seems like each of the four roles experiences an epiphany and, as characters in the fiction, each grows. So do the males.

The males grow and mature.
It’s pure, escapist fiction.

As one might expect, it was at the Alamo Drafthouse, usually a superior movie experience. I was a little let down, no previews including material when any of the stars were substantially younger. Would’ve been fun. At least ads for those movies or a music video from the introduction to Miami Vice.

Still a superlative movie experience, a crowded theater that didn’t feel crowded. And pizza. Good pizza. Better movie, though, although, males who grow and mature, get better? Pretty much the realm of fantasy.


The audio tracks, the soundtrack, as it were?

Plus Airport Mesa in Sedona?

Anyway, the sound track, while not exactly period perfect, the audio selections were fun as they reached deep into the canons of early music to get material that lined up with the sound track ending somewhere later. It seems to be in a logical order.

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