Ready Player One — the Movie

Ready Player One — the Movie

I don’t recall that one line in the movie version of Ready Player One. Might’ve been there.

Wasn’t a good movie, it was a great cinematic experience. In part, the experience was thoroughly enhanced by the previews at the Alamo Drafthouse. The author of the book, total 80’s nerd, walks through the ideas, and montages of 80’s nostalgia, plus what it was like work on the film, introducing various bits.

As the film unfolded, the three keys, made me think of a Shakespeare play, obviously a reference, The Merchant of Venice. The lead character’s avatar’s name? Parsifal? Knights of the Round Table (Arthurian Legend?)

Think I would’ve missed the three keys in the book, but the movie played it up, and that’s when I twigged to the possible Shakespeare allusion, as they were three choices, and the decision process of the protagonist, much the same.

The levels of arcane trivia — reminds me of an updated, mostly pop culture version of Joyce’s Ulysses. Because there was a sound track? Possibly better than the book, and that’s a rarity.

Not a good movie, but a great film experience — thoroughly enhanced by the Alamo Drafthouse setting. The fact that I saw those movies and laced with some of that music, OK, a lot of the music? That helps. It’s a narrow window for nostalgia.

Amused me endlessly. I could see this one again, it was that much fun.

I’m sure there are several buried easter eggs. Wonder if that’s why it was released around Easter?

Nah, just coincidence, I’m sure.

Years ago, I saw Mark Rylance on stage as Shakespeare’s Richard II. Excellent portrayal and it was repeated, or a similar kind of updated version, in this film. Great show.

Ready Player One — the Movie

Go see it at the Alamo, and get there half an hour early, the preview material by the book’s author is well worth it. Just adds a layer of fun.

And a DeLorean!

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