Mindful Mercury

Mindful Mercury

Can be either, Mindful Mercury or better? Lessons Learned — and in the spirit of the words I’ve written? Lessons re-Learned.

Portable Mercury Retrograde

Dear friend was cruising one of the events I work at, and in a less-enlightened moment, passed a judgement about another vendor there. Or a less-enlightened judgement. Perfectly rational, and I could easily see how one might arrive at that vibe, appearances matter.

Amusing, as I know both sides, and I don’t think either one is accurate.

However, I respect that the one person feels that way, and has the ability to make such a judgement, and I respect the position, although, having insider knowledge, of sorts, makes it all more amusing — to me.

Weeks ago I greeted familiar counter worker with a “Hello darling” comment, drawled a little, in response to a passing “halo” to me. With the recent turn of events, politically, and otherwise, I panicked. A few moments later, I asked if I was creepy, or out of place, me, not wanting to be a creeper, or creepy-like, or, to be judged on first appearances.

“Kramer? Yeah, I don’t get the from you at all.”

A little weird, but the right-minded folks understand and respond.

I’m as likely to make those kinds of snap decisions, instant judgements, but mine are typically borne out of years of observations and recognizing patterns. Doesn’t make mine any better, or worse, just gives an example of my own baseline.

With the current state of Mercury and its affairs?

Portable Mercury Retrograde

There comes a point where quiet and patient observation is more fruitful, and then, given our mutable natures, a willingness to adjust expectations and judgements — in my own situation? I’m very willing to admit I could have it all wrong.

While, technically, on the tail-end of the official Mercury in Retrograde, as I’m often asked, “Aren’t we still in its shadow?”

Yes — and no. Technically, yes, still in its shadow, but less technically, it isn’t officially retrograde and it feels like it might be safer to move forward with repair and restoration.

Mindful Mercury

Cautiously move forward. Be aware that there are still some adjustments to make, possibly sooner rather than later. Maybe. Maybe not.

All depends.

Those snap judgements? While I trust mine, and I trust my fellows, I don’t always trust the judgement itself.

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