Humor Me

Humor Me

Humor Me, see this started with twitter, which is a wonderful way to waste time. Can sample and follow as much — or as little — as moves me in the moment. One of the regular items in my scrolling, originally suggested by a feminist I know, the one feed is @ManWhoHasItAll.

The premise is simple, and to me, hugely funny but with a point. Take any typical sexist comment and exchange the genders.

The results are vastly amusing, but then, even though I am mired in the old ways, I recognize that it’s changing. My old patriarchy, yeah, dead or dying.

The humor is what matters to me, but the way it works brings fresh eyes and more gentle realization to the problems. Poignant, but not in a hurtful way.

Satire with no sarcasm.

Some of the material is from older “female self-help” sources, I would guess articles and dated magazines. Exchanging the positions and genders, male and female, though, has hilarious results.

Humor Me @kramerw

We wouldn’t still be having this discussion if we were more “awake.” for details…

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