Unbound – Stuart Woods

Looking for the digital library version, to match the hardback I’ve got, my local library had an audio version before the ebook was out. The novel’s listing, as an audio book, said it was 7 hours and 59 minutes in length, as a recording.

Some years ago, I booked a flight from Seattle to San Antonio with one stop, no plane change, lovely SWA, and the total flying/travel time was like, 7 hours. During that trip, I read a whole book and sketched out a quick review.

The one stop was, Memphis? Nashville? I can’t recall.

More than a typical business shuffle, means an hour on a plane to get someplace, more than one trip, I’ve carried a similar book by the same author, and consumed the whole thing in that one time period. Hour at the airport ahead of the flight, an hour flight, back and forth, that’s four, maybe five hours?

There’s a reason for this, as I tend to think of these novels as a seriously quick — albeit enjoyable — read. The most recent one starts a little more abruptly and I knew, once started, just carve out some time to read. No other way about it.

Must. Finish. Reading.

It happens.

Why the author and the fairy-tale like existence of the protagonist is good?

“I always enjoy flying myself rather than being flown. It gives me a sense of accomplishment all out of proportion to what I’ve actually done.” Page 52.

Good way to see the individual action, and insight into humanity, as a whole.

The literary term is Deus Ex Machina, “God in the machine,”and refers to a plot device that resolves an otherwise unsolvable plot complication.

Perfect way to heat up a cold day.


Unbound – Stuart Woods

Unbound (A Stone Barrington Novel)

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