In San Antonio

In San Antonio

More so than Austin, the relative — localized — mania is more present. There’s the artistic streak, the redneck gene, and the much heavier Spanish influence. All in San Antonio.

In San Antonio

This will be the final Sunday Show in San Antonio — this year. New year starts, new calendar year, and cycle commences yet again.

There are portions of what I do that I throughly enjoy. I will stick with those portions, and seeing me in San Antonio is part of that.

Yet, this is a strange town. First weekend of December, I didn’t wear shoes. Not like barefoot is unheard of, but despite the cool nights, I just never pulled on my flip-flops. Didn’t need to. Wasn’t outside that much, and during the days it was balmy enough to warrant barefoot.

In San Antonio

The military balances against the laid back culture that has a thin patina of Latina. I have been in neighborhoods that have a distinctively Mexican feel to them. There are also white-bred suburbs. Those, too, tend towards that weird ethic diversity I’m not used to, not this obvious.

Way cool.

Makes Austin look painfully pale.

Bexar County Line


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