A Year in Review Part II

“Then you perceive the body of our kingdom
How foul it is, what rank diseases grow,
And with what danger, near the heart of it.”

King Henry IV in Shakespeare’s
Henry IV, part ii (3.1.38-40)

Although both the plays are named for King Henry IV, who ascended to the English throne at the end of Richard II, he’s almost a tangential character in the second play as an old and infirm king. “Father issues,” seems like they are not a new thing.

What is left is dealing with the aftermath of Saturn in Sagittarius, and what that’s left behind, for me. Recently, just months ago, my sister’s wife was feeling poorly, went to the doctor, eventually, and found out she had stage four, some un-pronounceable form of cancer. She is an otherwise, healthy, largely vegan, exercise-friendly person. No history of cancer, non-smoking, non-drinking, no drugs, nothing.

In a show of solidarity, I did offer to shave my head (more than 30 years this has been long) if her treatment included hair loss.

”Yeah, it’s not that kind of chemo. No hair loss.”

I did offer. That thought brought back the issue of mortality. While not impacting me directly, it does offer food for thought, a conversation starter.

Also gives an interesting lens to review a year by.

Sister has been given to journaling as part of the process, which, as she freely admitted, was part of what helped her focus more.

Ask someone who’s been doing a web journal for almost two decades, and weekly column, much longer. Yes, pinning ideas to a page helps. Looking at the remains of the day assists with adding meaning and value to the events.

A Year in Review Part II

Work until I Die

There are a couple of “secrets” to long life. Passion for a calling, regular exercise, and diet. Participation in church community, also common. I consider a coven a church, or any other similar grouping.

While mentioned in other entries, one client had her then-93 years old father living with her, must’ve been around Xmas time. He was still excited about his work, old-school newspaper guy, and he was still working on a typewriter, with a deadline, grinding out 800 words of a weekly column, funny, poignant, witty, inspired, and current. My guess was left side of the Op-Ed section, with flat image of him as a standard bearer.

I don’t think he did word count, he did talk about column inches with his copy going out in manuscript form — typed, double spaced (approximately 250 words per page), off a new-fangled Selectric typewriter.

That’s passion for a craft — almost an art form. Inspiration for me. Still interested in his career. Still motoring along, long after he “retired.”

A Year in Review Part II

Three Martians Pizza is someplace north of San Francisco, but certainly south of Oregon. Don’t ask, as I can’t say, curves, highways, Northern Cal, and Pacific Ocean. Best I got.

Owner is a Virgo, same birthday as a good fishing buddy, love Virgo guys, and we chatted briefly.

A Year in Review Part II

Cranky old man. Have to wonder, but when it comes to instructions, like, looking up a process or “how to” repair on the web? There are an overwhelming surfeit of DIY videos.

What I like? Instructions. Typed out. Printed. Well, maybe not printed, but available as text block.

Makes me a cranky old man?

A year in review.




“Rosemary is for remembrance…”

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