Taking a Knee

Taking a Knee

How good is your American History? Remember, the Boston Tea Party? Rather than being overtaxed, the tea was tossed in the harbor as a display of defiance, do I have that right?

Much as I am personal fan of the Church of England, a state-mandated religion was one of the principles that started the American Revolutionary War, or do I have the facts wrong?

Taking a Knee

More than a dozen years back, when I was working as a slum lord in old East Austin — think: pre-gentrification — my bus route home included passing in front of the Texas capital complex, the big red granite building, ostensibly taller than the one in Washington D.C. The one in Austin was built by convict labor and the quarry was in Llano. Details not fact checked.

As expected, that being in Austin, there were a myriad of protesters. The one I liked, other than the violent “No War” people, was a single guy, usually conservatively attired, most afternoons he had a small cardboard box and an American flag, which held, fully upright.

He would, if one approached him, deliver some perceived data of the conspiracies, the end of the world, the cabal run by (insert group of the moment here, .i.e., jews, russians, whites, blacks, browns, etc.)

”The catholic church is a cult!”

Not really new information.

However, I admired the way he didn’t have a bullhorn, and he stood proudly with an American flag, properly displayed, while he protested quietly, with honor and integrity. Made a statement that was quietly heard louder than all the, think at the time it was vocal ”anti-Bush” protesters.

Taking a Knee

One of the schools I attended had an Episcopalian backing. Framework. There was a prayer and brief announcements most mornings, convocation, and for several years I would get down the little purple cushion thing like most of my peers. At the rebellious age, I got to where I would sit out the Lord’s Prayer because — I can’t really think of a good reason. Some young men require no reason to protest.

I wasn’t penalized, and with my last name a number of folks thought I was Jewish. No, nominally Methodist, but let’s not get carried away. Certainly varies from my current beliefs, but that’s not the question.

Taking a Knee

In parts of Texas, football is perhaps more important than religion, cf. Aries, at the bottom of the page.

”God’s honest truth!”

The line between religion and football can get blurred. Not complaining, just observing. However, there is still a separation of church and state, and as such, what one does, for whatever belief system is up to the individual. Way I understand it, at this moment.

I might be wrong.

Taking a Knee

Patriotic for real.

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