Old Rapid Rewards

Old Rapid Rewards

Shuffling through paperwork and an old wallet, I happened upon my old SWA Rapid Rewards card. I put a piece of tape over its number then grabbed an image. What originally caught my attention was 7/97 date, but closer examination, that was an expiration date.

Got me thinking, though, 20 years, and I only made their Gold Business Executive Pro Platinum Class one year. Still, for company loyalty, I’ve hung in there.

Turns out the idea of “One seat size,” for all? The controlled chaos of boarding? Turns out that the seats are some of the largest economy seats in the business, most room, and the boarding process, anarchy at times, it might still be the best way to get people onto a plane and in seats.

That is an almost insane kind of company/brand loyalty.

I travel so infrequently by air now, it’s not a big deal, not anymore.

The old card’s image.




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