Too Long; Didn’t Read

Too Long; Didn’t Read

From a variety of sources, all anecdotal and secondary in nature, the title is Too Long; Didn’t Read — and in itself, explains much.

However, a secondary notation came about, as I was thinking, troubling at times, as another idea collided, “Why bother with Shakespeare?”

Indeed, why bother with the purported works of a single playwright from over 400 years ago, I mean, how can that kind of plot or exposition even be relevant?

One long piece was a CEO/Fortune 500/Captain of Industry type, and in summation? Shakespeare’s characters wrestle with the same ideas every captain of industry must attack.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

So the idea that a single series of plays can help more modern people navigate the lonely seas of high command bears fruit. In late adult (age) I suffered a period of what seemed like an adult version of “Can’t concentrate on this book” phase. What I learned was that some books just aren’t for me.

Rather than actually read all of Shakespeare’s plays, I have listened to them all, and now, frequently, with some kind of back-to-back alongside a podcast of some ilk, explicating points and counterpoints of the play I was listening to. Got to keep this interesting, for me.

Power, politics, love, and romance? All there, all part of the human experience. How to navigate that? Shakespeare offers clues. Good place to start, anyway.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

There is the assumption that most of what I write is crap. Organic male bovine byproduct, and if so? If I don’t write it down, that stuff starts to stink — in my brain. No one wants that.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

Wasn’t where I was going, to start with, as this was originally about my horoscopes — as one dear friend suggested my work was too long to be bothered with.

Then I realized, to a certain extent, this is the problem with the my work: it fits a narrow slice of humanity, and it isn’t about education or location, but about understanding the way the oracle works.

Guided by stars, sure. Ruled by the stars?

Too Long; Didn’t Read

Perfect solution, free book.

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