Website Development in a Box

Website Development in a Box

Really, this is just an update for myself.

The short form?

Buy (lease) a domain name here:

Techie enough to play with windows, frames, and network stuff?

Get this WordPress Theme framework:

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Now, break it down. Recently, a client — unbeknownst — recommended a company called, so I gave it a spin. They do advertise 88 cent domains.

With the prices, I found that a .us (dot US) name was cheaper there. As were a few others, like — with a single warning to check the prices.

When I transferred a domain name from to NamesCheap, the first two transfers went through quickly, painlessly and saved me money. Alas, the third transfer was mired in digital ink paperwork for five days. Not quick, not easy, and slightly more expensive.

Not one to be daunted, NameCheap also offered a very inexpensive hosting package, and I give it a test run, as well. Not simple, not easy and not — in my mind — worth the effort required.

For Top Level Domain names? With security rolled into it?

However, for other varieties and flavors? Shop NameCheap. As a domain register, they are good. Not quite as good as my preference, but in some select examples, cheaper.

Looking for a cheap domain name? Get it from Namecheap! Prices start at $3.98/year

Better? All about the same. Matter of tastes. Still, for rock-solid reliability? For protection, care, and service? Start with

Website Development in a Box

The gamble I took on NameCheap further solidified my belief that (mt) was as good as it gets. Weird story?

I had to wrestle a client’s site on GoDaddy and summarily decided they weren’t worth the price. However, GoDaddy now owns (mt), as I understand it.

As a forgone conclusion, I do have a certain level and aptitude of technical expertise.

Still, the simplest way to do this?

Buy (lease) a domain name here:

Then get a managed WordPress site here:

It’s that easy. Unlike “free” sites, the domain and its contents is solely owned by the buyer.

A little legal disclaimer never hurt.

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