Pour Over Coffee Stand

Pour Over Coffee Stand

An idea from a lost link?

First draft here.

First iteration, here.

Pour Over Coffee Stand


Knock-off Melitta pour-over funnel, $6.99 at World Market.

Scratch that. Funnel.

100 mm Borosilicate Glass Funnel $8.99 on Amazon

SEOH GLASS FUNNEL Neutral glass 100 mm 100 mm stem

Black iron parts at Lowe’s

  • 1/2 inch Flange base $4.98
  • 1/2 inch 8-inch pipe $2.92
  • 1/2 inch – 3/8 elbow $2.37
  • 3/8 inch 2-inch pipe $1.78
  • 3/8 inch black iron Tee $2.58

Poplar Project Board $5.28

Spray can lacquer $5.78

Another iteration.

Other version.

Timing for effectiveness

Compare and contrast?

The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System

Melitta Coffee Maker, Porcelain Cone Drip Brewer, (Pack of 4)

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