Avant Garde German

Avant Garde German

A further thought about the Jukebox?

The process of curation. FM radio — when radio really mattered.

An electronic billboard advertised for a German New Wave band that should, technically, be called Electronica, but that was before the term was applied to a firmly striated selection of music. That band had one song that I was familiar with, from hearing it on the radio, the morning show — back when I was working in a motorcycle shop. Had the radio up loud, and the DJ was a motorcycle rider, too.

Seriously goes off the rails in a hurry?

The one song on the radio, that paved the way for another song that was an underground hit, and I recalled it, still have a digital version, someplace.

One hit: radio success begat one hit: underground legend. Then obscurity. A reunion tour that was playing mid-sized venues, and I thought about tickets, but other than those two songs? I have zero recollection of anything else. I can’t even say what the album cover looked like.

Still, it was a DJ who introduced me to the band. Or group. Or whatever a collective of musicians is called. Performers. Artists.

“I’m with the band.”

Joke didn’t work.

Avant Garde German

The Jukebox reminder has to do with curation — the process of finding and selecting the best of the best, and suggesting that this piece is the best, and worthy of brain bandwidth for whatever reason. Books, music, art works, websites, all of that. The process is curation.

The nature of the Avant Garden German group? Looking back with the rheumy eyes of time, obviously the band crept forward into the year 2009, listened to some tunes, maybe hung out at a club, then zipped back to 1979, trying to replicate the current sounds with the technology that was available, then.

Wouldn’t have heard about the band, ever, had it not been for a morning drive-time DJ, who, I might add, had a sweet ride of a super-bike. The motorcycle was best judged by the standards at the time. The music? I’m unsure if stands up over time, but the show was sold out.


Vincit Qui Primum Gerit

“First to arrive gets the best deal.”


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