Magic Design Numbers

Really, it’s the “Golden Ratio.”

Shorthand note, just for me, seen here, as Golden Ratio.

Three in a row. That was the quickest way to remember, shoot an image and hope I could recall where I stashed the image.

(a + b) / a = a/b = (phi)

So a is to b as —

Never mind.

Other numbers? 498 and 305. I like that 598 and 367 better, for now.

Been around too many numerologist and Fang Sway folks, too — 549 and 339.

Going to give that one a try. I like the narrower column for the main column as it fits with the old numbers that are forever lodged in my head. Maybe not forever, but for some time now — rather dated guidelines about the average width of computer screens, dictated in pixels. Fully a third of the traffic has got be portable devices now, so that old guideline doesn’t hold well.

Magic Design Numbers

The Magic Design Numbers answers a simple question about ratio, the Golden Ratio, and what should be optimal elements for the best in visually pleasing display.

Those numbers are Magic Design Numbers realized and derived from simple mathematical arrangements, purported to be the “Golden Ratio.” From curious ramblings, the ratio is repeated in nature, frequently, and in fine art.

Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio

That element shows up in nature, and is echoed across the best practices of most of the more appealing structures, be it architecture, art, or simple page layout.


Tweaking just one site to those numbers, then deploying that across a series of inconsequential web properties to test the theory, so far, at least one location has proven more popular with that simple adjustment in numbers.

Magic Design Numbers

What I wanted was a decent guideline for column widths with a nod towards the header content. Typically, I just want the site’s name — a simple, identifying hash, be that hashtag, or just letters easy to remember.

Just want it easy to find and remember — then visually pleasing and balanced.

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