Astrology and Intuition

I’ve always thought that Astrology and Intuition were inextricably linked. Running around in the circles that I frequent?

There is a connection. How it shows up varies from chart to chart. Sort of depends. All depends.

For clues about Astrology and Intuition?

First place I start is Neptune in a natal chart.

It’s less about what sign Neptune is in, but in part, that does play a factor. Neptune eased into Libra in 1942/3, moving into Scorpio in 1955/6/7, into Sagittarius in 1970, Capricorn in 1984, Aquarius in 1998/9, and finally in Pisces 2011/2, not moving into Aries until 2025/6.

What I call my version of astrology? I consider it an intuitive art form, based on science. Where the planets are at a given moment, that is straight-up astronomical fact.

What the placement means? That’s subject to interpretation.

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