Free 15-minute phone reading

Free 15-minute phone reading

Send me the right answer, and your email address will be entered into a drawing for the prize.

The prize is a Free 15-minute phone reading, but there are some details. Limit is one per email address. The drawing will be held every so often, so everyone has a chance.

Readings are limited to 15 minutes of my time, but I will be willing to record the reading and make the MP3 available, again, at no charge.

FREE comes with a price, remember, there are rules. Some restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited by law.

For comparison, see prices of regular readings and for live appearances and assorted details.

Free 15-minute phone reading

Terms and conditions, all pursuant to the regular fineprint, details subject to change.

Free 15-minute phone reading

Send in your answer now!

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