Class Time

Class is this week on Thursday – March 30th, 7pm!

Class Time

Barefoot Astrology & Mercury Retrogrades

with Kramer Wetzel

This week's class on March 30th @ 7pm at Unity!

This class reviews elements of and laces it with a look at the upcoming Mercurial Cycles

Two for one deal!

Director's Note: Come on out for some sage advice from Kramer Wetzel – our resident Shakespearean cowboy & astrological philosopher. Extra style points if you wear your favorite boots!

Class Description:

The Portable Mercury Retrograde: As an astrologer, as a horoscope writer who's been writing about Mercury Retrograde for several decades, I wanted a compendium, a collection of material to help ease this astrological condition.

Over years, spanning decades, I've gathered this material. Its purpose is to educate and elucidate.

Mercury retrograde gets a bad reputation, and it's hard to believe one little planet can be blamed for all the ills.

When I look at an astrology chart, for the sake of simplicity, I tend to use the Western Tropical Zodiac as a primary frame of reference. Just easier; although, I can — and do — combine more than one school of astrology thought.


BIO: Born and raised in a little town in East Texas, schools in Texas and New Mexico, with college and university degrees earned in Arizona, Kramer Wetzel considers himself a typical Sagittarius. He's an ordained minister, Honorary Doctorate, Reiki Master, Certified Psychic, and holds cross-training in a variety of metaphysical arcana.

Kramer has cast horoscopes and read charts — as a professional reader — for over 20 years. He probably has answers. With an eye for the absurd, an ear for Texas dialect, both honed in a trailer park in South Austin — before trailer parks in South Austin were cool — Kramer's primary love is the written word, with the Western–styled horoscope his favored format.

First published in 1987, online since 1993, his horoscopes are popular, as well as one of the longest, continuously running of its kind.


Thursday, March 30th

7pm – 8:30pm


Unity Church of the Hills

9905 Anderson Mill Road

Austin, TX 78750


$15 at the door

Please bring small bills.

We do not take credit cards.

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