Civilized Histories

Civilized Histories

Presido, TX: couple of hours southeast of El Paso, and evidence of some of the earliest civilized settlements in North America. It is history — and geography — that defines the area, and speaks to my great love of the countryside.

Up the roads few hundred miles to the north, is the namesake and first archeological finds for Clovis People, hunter-gathering tribes from several millennia back, with same genre, albeit centuries older, more recent finds in the Salado, TX area. Best guess was the same as the Clovis People.

Using Presido and its environs as a starting point, though, that was the first evidence of recent civilization, with possible farming going back more than 4,000 years. Not nomadic tribes, but industrious farmers, put down roots, saved for the winters, along the banks of what is now the called Rio Grande.

There’s an old myth, predates Texas and Coahuila, the two states on either side of the line, about the devil being wrestled to the ground and tucked away in a hillside in Presido. Can’t locate the myth, at the moment.

Civilized Histories

This weekend, in El Paso, TXbalsamic moon in Pisces — and what that means? Should swing on by to see.

Service for Far West Texas (and parts of New Mexico).

That hard, New Mexico line.

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