Call Protect

Call Protect

Yes, this is exclusive for the AT&T Death Star, as far as I know.

One buddy, think he was a government contractor at one time, claimed that, this is really dated material, but he claimed, at the big AT&T building downtown? There was an empty room, right next to all the phone switches, and some alphabet government agency had a private room for monitoring all of AT&T’s voice and digital traffic.

Big Brother is listening?

Again, this is strictly hearsay, with zero proof of the claim.

“I know a guy who knew guy, who said…”

My current service provider is The Death Star, cheapest I can get, service is good enough, but the price is right, so yeah, I use them.

What I could never figure out was why there was no root level protection from crank calls.

Call Protect uses the power of the AT&T network to automatically block fraud calls

Its time has arrived.

Love thy phone, again.

If the Death Star is the service provider, then this requires no thought —

Call Protect

It’s no longer “new” but it works, and it works well. So far, maybe two, three unwanted calls have made it through, but those numbers are now blocked, system-wide.

Call Protect

AT&T Call Protect – AT&T Services, Inc.

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