BBQ Sauce Debate

BBQ Sauce Debate

Amusing, to me, in a twisted way, is the BBQ Sauce Debate. Really good BBQ doesn’t require BBQ sauce, right? Hence the debate. However, and even funnier to me, at Rudy’s, the regular sauce is outstanding, but at some of the outlets, like the original in Leon Springs (minutes west of San Antonio), the BBQ I eat usually requires no sauce, pork ribs and brisket, the usual Two-Meat Tuesday deal.

Born from many years in the backyard of that place in Austin, the debate rages ever onward.

Probably more important than politics, but don’t let me stop you.

Rudy’s Sauce is an amazing flavor, drawing on a full palate replete with strong pepper finish, largely due to cayenne. Hot but not too hot. The legend goes, when mixing up that first batch, the perfect balance was realized when they couldn’t stop tasting it.

Regional favorite, franchised around the Southwest now, certainly worth a shot.

Then I encountered, at the behest of Bubba, CBQ — transcendental BBQ sauce.

“We use a ghost pepper in it, have to wear helmet, goggles, and gloves to handle it.”

At first it was the BBQ Sauce with No Name, like the stranger with no name from the days gone before.

Thin image of the stuff on the table. My Leo buddy asked for a jalapeño pepper, grilled, but the Sauce with No Name was too hot for him.

Creeping Death BBQ Sauce

Creeping Death BBQ Sauce

Not too hot for me, but rather treat it like Rudy’s — or any other sauce — slathered on richly, deeply, swimmingly — the Sauce with No Name? I use it sparingly.

I instagrammed an image of supper, then got a nice capture for the sauce itself.

The BBQ itself is quite amazing, in and of its own right, but that special sauce just sends it over the top.

Disco Death & Scorpio

That plus chicken-fried bacon and fried black-eyed peas.

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