The Rift

The Rift

The Rift – Walter Jon Williams

Another super sale deal, and one I almost bought, but I realized I already had enough new material to read, no need to load myself up with digital versions of hardbacks.

99 cents on the iBooks thing. Great deal.

There’s an entry, dated 9/5 (1999) that has my first review of the book, but rolling back further in time, the weeks before?

Here’s my reading notes dated 8/29 & 8/30 (1999 from the digital watermarks)

The Rift cover — my cover shot.

Looking at the hefty tome, made me wonder, worth the 99 cents to reread the book?

There were two scenes that have struck with me, over the years, from that very novel. One was fun and a bit of stretch — unless you know people who are from Louisiana (proper natives). The other scene I didn’t follow nearly as closely, but there’s a nod towards our future in the book.

Set along the New Madrid Fault, which, realistically, could go any time, upsetting the geo-political structure in the United States. Interesting book.

Brilliant, if I recall.

An example of how books can be timeless, and why electronically distributed literature has value.

The Rift – Walter Jon Williams

By Walter Jon Williams – The Rift (1999-08-16) [Hardcover]

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