New Archetype

New Archetype

I can’t recall the details, bet it was a shelf someplace, grocery? Restaurant? Memory is an exceedingly porous membrane, at best — that’s science. The rest is hypothetical, and usually, just conjecture.

The New Archetype refers to the image of Sriracha Sauce, a new favorite. While the sauce itself is rooted in Pacific Rim food, Sriracha Sauce brings new meaning to the term, “Ring of Fire,” that bottle is manufactured in America, and really, it represents the new American standard.

The old archetype was Tabasco — so this might be a new one?

Missed the color bleed in the green caps, against a black background, I must’ve been tweaking the saturation, hues, and exposure, as much for myself. Or, given the background, it could’ve been a “pho palace” of one stripe or another.

The actual sauce itself, sort of muscled in on the standard sauces, and does tend to be a one-off because of the strong Local Latin influence. Doesn’t stop that sauce from becoming much more quotidian.

So that hot sauce is the new standard by which others are now judged? It might be a new archetype for hot sauce, or just current culture’s embedded imagery.

New Archetype

It’s the New Archetype.


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