Social Media Success

Social Media Success

There are several “Big Name Authors” in my feeds. More than one has responded — personally — to my various notations.

For example, I did a short sketch and some laudatory overtones about one series — when my post tweeted the title, the tweet was retweeted by the author. Or someone with a very similar name. Anymore, of a certain age, I figure we manage our social media material ourselves. It’s just easier.

This post about social media made me wonder.

Social Media Success

One current author I respect, I’ve seen him read a few times, and he does offer some limited engagement on various social media platforms, but best of all?

He once dropped me a short e-mail, he wasn’t happy that his latest got slammed by a troll on Amazon, so he asked me to write a review. My review, he’s only asked once, and that’s in a dozen books or more, I tend to review his novels in my blog, and that’s about it. I tend to be vastly amused by his invention and style, yet, he kept his request to bare minimum.

Then, too, he didn’t ask me to write a good review, just a review. I suspect he knew I would be positive, and I suspect he was hoping to bury the single bad review.

In close to ten or fifteen years of his work, and a loose association, most recently amplified by social media, his success is simple. He’s asked, once, for one action.

Social Media Success

For me, my WordPress–driven sites are inextricably linked with social media. My posts are automatically pushed out to various outlets. In additon, I will pin, tweet, or post, whatever catches my attention.

My curiosity is far from mainstream, as my tastes tend to be rather eccentric. “Odd” is not too strong a word, not for me.

All my links to various outlets, whatever one prefers? All linked from my contact page,

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