Is This Thing Working?

Is This Thing Working?

Kind of a standing joke, just about everyone has heard it, wrapped it into a horoscopes or two, as well, but in my next life? I want to be a San Antonio weatherman. What other job can be that wrong, that often, and still have a job?

Reflection and review are important in one’s work, and I like to review the past to see strengths and errors.

Maybe the local weathermen could try looking over predictions to see how accurate they were — or weren’t.

Couple of high points to the year, the Mars Retrograde sets a tone and pattern to the year and it’s a chance to overhaul a situation where too much passion is not backed with a commiserate amount of value.

(Original is here.)

That was December, 2015.

Is This Thing Working?

My current favorite piece to write is the year ahead, or the year overview. In the last few years, I’ve done this as both an addendum and preface, usually for the last week in December.

Since I'm now wrapping up December’s horoscopes, I was starting on the next year’s overview.

Like December 31, 2014/1.1.2015 & earlier — December 26, 2013.

December Special Deal

December Special Deal

Is This Thing Working?

Last year, down at that the bottom of the page, for Sagittarius? I sum up this last 11 months in two deceptively simple questions.

  1. What stays?
  2. What goes?

Experienced astrologers aren’t cheap,

Cheap astrologers aren’t experienced.

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