Fuzzy Boots

Fuzzy Boots

It happens when the weather turns cold. After close to a decade in San Antonio de Bexar, and having duly noted this in a horoscope — astro.fish — I just have to observe it again.

Weather consistently dips below 70? Or, like this last weekend, in the mid-50s, but rainy and depressing looking, outside, not really cold, but wet, for sure?


Out come the fuzzy boots, cf., Aries.

One buddy joked, “Looks like road kill on their feet.”

Still, it promises to warm back up before the middle of the next week, and I’ll be in shorts again. Not much of a problem, or, for that matter, not much of a challenge, which, in the larger scheme, makes the fuzzy boots even more amusing. Winter weather is not unheard of, like ice — but that tends to dissipate quickly.

Winter was late in arrival this year, but then, I’m used to this unpredictable, seasonal shift, my old guideline was swimming in Austin’s Barton Creek. Week before T-Day, one year? I was swimming in the creek, the weather was warm enough, and the next year? Ice on the freeway — same weekend — one year different.

Fuzzy Boots

As an indicator, though, I think the Fuzzy Boots index is better than any local weatherman. When the boots come out and are clearly visible?

“Winter is coming!”

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