Best Date in January

Best Date in January

My buddy in El Paso, Grace the psychic lady asked me for astrological timing on a project for her. Kind of my thing, you know, and as a easy professional favor for a dear friend — I’m in. Love me a challenge.

Recently, for her, I successfully picked a property closing date, and it went — just as the oracle predicted — I’m good like that.

There are several items to balance, first off the nature of the date’s importance, like a property purchase is substantially different from a wedding date.

“Money buys lands but wives are sold by fate,” to quote Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor, the Bard’s Rom-Com offering, allegedly at the behest of the Queen Herself, to mix and mangle metaphors.

Dark/New Moon in Cap., Dec. 30, 2016 — wait, what the book shows?

Dec Ephemeris

Dec Ephemeris

Moon enters Cap., Dec. 28 — “New” Dec 29. with the last aspect on Dec.30, square Jupiter before it enters Aquarius, so that’s a Void of Course Moon, essentially 30th.

Jan Ephemeris

Jan Ephemeris

For a business deal, for her especially, I like that Capricorn New Moon. Works like magic, getting stuff done, in the business end of things. All business. Happy Moon, good like that.

However, there’s that balance point, and then consideration that, as a company, the incorporation date needs to be in January, 2017.

Buy the name and have it parked. Just buy the name and park it. Symbolic, bought on a new moon in Cap.

January 1, 2017. Moon in Aquarius. Plays off that fully energized dark Cap. moon, in the previous days. Jump on that “First of the year, going to do something smart!”

Already got the domain name lined up, so it’s just matter of buying the hosting.

WordPress from Media Temple

Perfect, 1-2 step.

Other suggestions?

With Mercury in apparent retrograde motion, though, that might interfere with the web page construction. Might want to wait until I’m there to set that up.

There is the idea of waiting until Jan. 28, 2017 to finish what was stared on the Cap. moon. That might work well, too, considering the bells and whistles in the project itself. Some symbolism there, no? Aquarius Moon, bracketed by 27th, sextile Mars and 29th, sextile Saturn. Plus, you know, Aquarius.

Ephemeris —

The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century, 2000-2050 at Midnight

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