Sex, Lies, and Serious Money

Sex, Lies, and Serious Money

Sex, Lies & Serious Money – Stuart Woods

Always off to a good start. There's an almost terse sense of urgency in Stuart Woods’ prose — marked with an absolute lack of style, which, for me, means there’s no literary gymnastics to hurdle through, just gripping story.

Each book, nice intro, but the pacing — economical — no character is introduced without a future part figured in. But seems like the recent books — this one is no different — there’s a set-up, and I’m fine reading the book until I get to that point.

Something changes, and after — page 70 (+/-) — I knew I would just have to carve out a few hours to finish reading the damn book.

While the book follows a serial character, as I’ve noted before, I was lured into his series by an old girlfriend, and it’s possible to pick up the series at any point, but the earlier stuff is equally good, which is a mark of something, yeah, a good quality.

Starts with that riff — what would YOU do if you won the mega (whatever) lottery?

Around page 70, there I was, thinking, “Turn the page, read one more paragraph, have to stay up until I finish the book.”

It never ceases to amaze me how many Republican businessmen there are who think they can waltz into the White House, rearrange the foreign policy furniture, and expect everything to keep running smoothly. Page 195.

Published before the most recent election, always fun —

Good, tight read. Rather intricate plot, like a baroque dance step, in my mind.

Sex, Lies & Serious Money – Stuart Woods

Sex, Lies & Serious Money (A Stone Barrington Novel)


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