Random Horoscope

Inspiration strikes in the weirdest of places. I was looking at a web page that I link to — interesting — amusing content from time to time, hence the linkage. At the bottom, there was a button that indicated it was possible to call up random content from the site.

Previously, a client asked for an easy way to access older horoscopes, to see what was happening, when. Archives are available, in various formats.

Check the right–hand column, current style, for astrofish.net — there should be a handy menu item that says, “Archives,” and shows links to the last decade or more.

That idea of “random content,” I did that, once, for images of me holding up a sign for my mailing list. Try this then hit refresh to see various views.

New-ish random button, for the horoscopes, too. Whatever is still ensconced, from the last two decades, in the database. Randomness.


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