This Mercury in Retrograde

This Mercury in Retrograde

I would say it’s different, but it isn’t, nor really.

Portable Mercury Retrograde

Most mornings, I get up and head into the kitchen area, put water on the stove to boil, and grind up coffee beans. Lately, I’ve been sitting with a tablet, looking over messages and popping up the first material I want to work on for the day, grabbing that moment — the slice of my life — halfway between sleep and restless mind syndrome.

Depends on the whims of their fates, the schedule, what’s called for, as I’ve mostly just been making a single pot of Chemex Coffee, but some mornings, let’s say, Mercury is Retrograde? I’ll sent the water to boil, and then grind up a heap of fresh roasted coffee beans, dropping them into the Chemex (proprietary) filter, then, the other morning? Mercury was viciously retrograde, I tapped some of the coarser bits into a small French Press, and waited.

Mercury, currently Retrograde

I sat for 20 minutes, or more, kind of annoyed the water wasn’t boiling, what was taking so long, but patiently waiting, more or less, for my coffee to become the start of my day.

And I waited.

Mercury in Retrograde

After an inordinate amount of time, I got up from the news reels, and various digital feeds, realizing that — it seemed — the water was taking a really long to time to heat up.

The burner was on, it was on “Low.”

Portable Mercury Retrograde

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