Saturn in Sagittarius

“The literary life. It consists in scratching the cat till it purrs.”

Jubal in Robert A. Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. Page 805.

In San Antonio one of the annual big events is Fiesta, several weekend parties tied together with weeks of parties. Seems to last a month or more. Usually, in April. Austin has an April 4/20 event, and San Antonio does Fiesta.

Part of Fiesta is something to do with crowns, and part of it has to do Fiesta Medals. The Fiesta Medals are varied, from expensive to tacky, commemorating various events or organizations.

Lawyers, politicians, sports teams, church groups, and corporations all get in the business of striking medals.

Even the local promoter, Sagittarius had some of her own made up. Sort of her logo spun around the “Wholistic Festival” moniker, done as typical — albeit colorful — Fiesta Medal.

Saturn in Sagittarius

That promoter, the Sagittarius? Multiple planets in Sag. Very Sagittarius. “I don’t know what’s going on with my stars, you have to tell me,” then she flits off to deal with other perceived emergencies — exigent cat–herding issues when dealing with such an array of new age, spiritual, magical, products, practices, and practitioners. Plus one errant astrologer.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius is currently just turning around from a retrograde past that middle point of Sagittarius — so now is a good time to check in about the effects of this current passage of the “Ringed Wonder,” check–up from the neck–up, see how we are.

Midpoint Cafe

Midpoint Cafe

That one promoter, as Saturn aligned tightly with her copious Sagittarius planets? Frenetic energy, shooting out sideways.

That’s as apt a description of Saturn in Sagittarius as any — frenetic energy, shooting out sideways. I tend to observe pluralistic conditions with each and every planetary influence, so on one of those San Antonio weekends, I could be the other version, keeping calm, and working quietly towards goals.

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