Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter is basically on a year long-pattern, that means spending roughly — more or less — a year in a sign. In this last year, Jupiter was in Virgo, and coming in September, Jupiter moves into Libra for the duration.

Portable Mercury Retrograde

The big one moves in, 0 Libra 9/9/16, retrogrades 23 Libra 2/6/17 the going direct 6/9/17 at 13 libra, moving out of Libra and into Scorpio 10/10/17.

Jupiter in quick: Gas giant, got the big dot that’s probably a permanent storm, named for the leader of the gods, essentially a 12–year orbit, associated with Sagittarius, Ninth House, mutable, fiery, love of learning, weight concentrates on hips and thighs, and there’s a reason the archer is depicted as a centaur. The NASA probe called “Juno” is currently mapping details about mighty Jupiter and his prominent moons, named for various out–of–wedlock lovers Jupiter had. In mythology, Juno was Jupiter’s first wife.

Jupiter square Pluto

Jupiter (in Libra) “squares” — 90° angle — Pluto (in Capricorn) in the coming cycle. Nov. 24, 2016, Mar. 30, 2017, and finally, Aug. 4, 2017. Another view? Frontwards, backwards, frontwards.

    A square is neither good nor bad. As Hamlet would remind us? “Nothing’s good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

How does Jupiter play out against the signs, what flavors and portents are there?

Jupiter in Libra for Aries

Aries is a fiery Cardinal Sign, while Libra, opposite, is the Air Cardinal symbol. This sets up a year–long opposition from the gas giant Jupiter. This makes the Aries focus external: external, as in outside of Aries. Them, not us (Aries). As an easy challenge, what can Aries do for us, rather than the typical reverse of that statement. The more Aries answers to the needs of others, rather than typically serving the self, the better this works out. Jupiter pushes the focus outward for the next year. A “Jupiter Opposition” does not always spell trouble, but the easiest way to make it through the next year? Focus outside of the Aries self.

Jupiter in Libra for Taurus

A frequent comment I make is to “Look a little to one side,” rather than, like some of us, taking an issue in a straightforward manner. With the nature of Jupiter in this position, relative to Taurus? The concentration is on career stuff, yet, with the recent spate — and upcoming — retrogrades? Instead of looking straight ahead, looks a little off to the left, or the right, but not the direction that seems to be stretched out right in front of you. It’s a matter of degrees. The way I like to phrase this? “Look a little off to one side of whatever is dead–center.” There’s no radical realignment or giant shift required, just broaden one’s view — think, like, maybe thirty degrees? Just a little off to one side of what your perceived Taurus target is. Jupiter urges you to look a little one side.

Jupiter in Libra for Gemini

There is a special kind of benefit that comes from this placement, over the next year, as there’s a gentle upwards shift in Gemini behavior. Or attitude. Or attitude and behaviors get better. The two are inter–connected. The change, this shift or, in typical Gemini fashion? The shifts occur over the next 13 months as new ideas that have upwards stairs attached to the ideas. The easiest way to work this out? Find the right — Gemini–compliant — partner to help bring focus to the Gemini (inspired) vision. To paraphrase and plagiarize? “It takes a village to raise a Gemini (idea).” Find the correct people — your people — to applaud and support the cascading Gemini ideas and new plans.

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter in Libra for Cancer

For an individual like me, being self–employed for so long, I am quite accustomed to the daily vagaries of income, the ebb and flow of business. Time and tide waits for no one, am I right? Each time Jupiter passes a point where it “squares” part of the Cancer element in the chart? There will be a spike in business. Surge, sudden influx, from “Zero to Crazy Busy” in no time. I can go from nothing on the books for the next week, to booked out for up to three months at a time, in the blink of an eye. In the coming months, especially between now and the end of the year, Jupiter will hit those trigger points in Cancer. Zero to incredibly busy, and possibly, bringing in a lot of money, between now and the end of this cycle. Be ready to take full advantage of those spikes, as they occur.

Jupiter in Libra for The Leo

A dozen years back, I started a website for just images, a daily photoblog. One reason is that I wanted a handy way to source images that illustrate whatever point I’m trying to make. Properly illustrated articles are far more intriguing than straight text. This oncoming Jupiter cycle for The Leo is all about taking something you already do and making it prettier. Enhancing the image. Or enhancing the point the with a pretty picture. As a long–time web–author, I’m worried about copyright matters, so if I use my own images, there’s no problem. That’s me. I’m not Leo. However, the idea remains sound, taking what your Leo self already has and making it a little prettier by simple enhancement processes. Add pretty pictures.

Jupiter in Libra for Virgo

A generation that preceded me was born of time when their parents sensed lack. That created a generation that loves “stuff.” I’m that next generation, and I’m not in love with stuff. As Jupiter cruises through the heavens, thusly appointed for Virgo? Time to examine the materials that we own, what defines us, and what we no longer need. In a more traditional view, this is a “Buy more stuff” time. In my nontraditional, but ultimately more rewarding version? Less stuff. What can a good Virgo unload and be shut of, in the coming Jupiter cycle?

Jupiter in Libra for Libra

As noted, Jupiter is on a 12–year cycle. means we’re in the process of laying groundwork, in Libra, for the next dozen years. Pick. Choose. Designs in the next year can have a lasting effect. Then, too, there’s the idea that this is an excellent cycle to set sail for new horizons, which can be internal, external, or some combination. The goal is to broaden one’s scope, learn new material, travel and experience some went that is not within the extant Libra worldview. Jump. Change. Try. Experiment. Set huge, seemingly impossible goals, and then watch, over the year, as this all starts to happen for Libra.

Jupiter in Libra for Scorpio

Hanging in one closet, I have a “Glow-in-Dark” skeleton. Paid one dollar, and every year, I get to to make “Skeletons in the closet” jokes. The visual, for me, is both amusing and rewarding. The visual, for Scorpio? We all have a few pieces of material that demand to be cleaned up. Leftover, perhaps karmic, perhaps just issues that have been avoided for far to long? With Jupiter in the Scorpio Solar 12th House, this indicates a time to deal with just such images, imagined, or real. Address the skeletons hanging in the Scorpio closet now, or they will haunt us moving into the next few years.

Jupiter in Libra for Sagittarius

This is about how we appear to the world. What we do to make our outward appearance confront and conform to what the world would like to see. It’s about our outer Sagittarius shell. Long ago, I made two gestures in my wardrobe to greatly enhance my life by simplifying elements. I own a couple of pairs of cowboy boots, and sandals. All the footwear I’ll ever need. From formal dress to summer, outdoor fun, and all the business in my home state I can take, I’m covered. Simple gesture. This is an example of outward appearance, for Sagittarius along with Jupiter in Libra. A single gesture, leaner, cleaner, and simplest. Perhaps most important? Visible on the outside. Simple yet outwardly visible, and makes a statement. Perfect for our Sagittarius selves.

Jupiter in Libra for Capricorn

While I tire of the buttoned–down, business–suited vision for Capricorn, one of my Cap buddies showed up after a long bicycle ride. He was sweating profusely in the bicycle shorts and the bicycle top, and the little hat with its tiny bill turned up. The whole outfit. Old redneck, bass–fishing buddy, all done up as Tour de France postal employee. He meant business, albeit bicycle business. “That’s, what, 25 miles to get here? Another 10 to get home? Feel the burn!” He was all business about his latest fitness fad, bicycling. Get the outfit, get the parts and pieces required to finish the job, and in my example? One of those silly helmet–like hats with a rear–view mirror attached. With just this Jupiter in Libra, we have to know where we’ve been to keep pedaling forward.

Jupiter in Libra for Aquarius

Travel broadens our worldview. Perceptions, understanding, ways of interpreting events, travel teaches us how to see differently. In the coming Jupiter cycle, this opening, shifting, and growing is pinpointed in Aquarius. In part, it’s Jupiter’s location, and in part, it’s the current upheaval. Yes, what Aquarius doesn’t enjoy a good revolution? Rhetorical comment. While Jupiter tends to be kind, much kinder than other planets, by transit, there’s still an Aquarius sense of lingering revolution. Might want to take a page from me, “It’s Tuesday, let’s do something different today.”

Jupiter in Libra for Pisces

Financial gain, and to some, this would speak of my fabled “Lottery Win,” but for Pisces? This is about cashing in on efforts from previous times. The Long–Tail Scenario plays out well here, for Pisces. Where a body of work has been largely unrecognized finally gets some notice — with a cash reward included. I can’t specify how that cash reward is delivered, nor do I have the phone number of the guy to call, so don’t bother asking me. What it does show, depending on how individual Pisces energies managed assets, there’s a tangible return on that effort. Money may not buy love, but I understand it can be rented. I’m willing to show the Pisces Love, and ya’ll should be feeling it for the next year.

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