Price Points

Price Points

Should read, Price Points and Directory Assistance, as it was a sales call, with my name fished out of an online directory.

I can, pretty quickly, qualify people. It was sales person trying to get me to list my company — that would be — with a “new” Body–Mind app that is a directory of holistic practitioners.

“For people looking for chiropractic, natural solutions…”

Yeah, while — legally — I can be called a Doctor, maybe that’s not a good place for me.

The voice introduced herself then started the sales pitch, which, is, in fact, an app I downloaded, toyed with, and tossed, some time ago. I asked how much it cost. She continued with factoids and figures, about how the app worked. I stopped her, asked her to answer my question about cost.

A basic listing was $45 per month. In order for that to be worth my time, I would need to generate 10 (ten) new readings a month for that price, — 10 X $100 = $1,000 — in new business, each month. I’m unsure if I have time for ten new clients each month, and I seriously doubt the app would do that.

Reminded me of the problem I had with the old Yellow Pages, and fraudulent billing. I finally got them off my case, but it took a stern letter and the threat of legal action, as I never agreed to their paid listing, besides, it was a paid online listing — with no tracking to prove it ever existed.

I was sorry I answered sharply, but I could tell it was a sales call, not interested in my well–being, not interested in me as a person, not interested in long–term benefits for my company, no, just sales. When I hear two, three, five other readers tell me it was a good contact, I’ll sign up, for sure. However, the idea, the price point?

$45 per month, and up.

Pause and consider.

Couldn’t even find the app in the App Store. Not a good start. Then, I thought, what I should do? Offer this as a commission basis, offer to advertise on their app and pay them for a percentage for every PAID referral. I was meandering the mean streets, and I was musing in the torpid Texas heat, thinking, ideas simmering.

I realized, at my current price point, less than $50 per year, or $3.96 per month, still under $50 a year? That includes all the books as searchable e–texts?

I’m way under–priced, but, then, I don’t have to pay commission and my overhead is me.

12 years back, when I put a pay wall, it was new, and partially home–rolled. These days, pretty common.

I have yet to find any other astrology site that offers the amount of content I do, versus almost no advertising whatsoever, and costs less than $20 and upwards, per month.


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