Forgive Me

Forgive Me

Forgive Me – Joshua Corin

For more than 20 years, I termed material like this, “Airport reading,” as in, perfectly suited for wasting away extra hours caused by typical air traffic delay, or the usual, five plus hours of time for a two–hour commute via commercial air. Yeah, problem? So far, both books have started with travel issues, kind of gruesome, too. Good hook.

But might not be comforting to someone getting on a plane, or sitting in an airport, looking around. Escapist material, sure, but with a biting, sarcastic anti-hero, femme fatale, with enormous psychological baggage, as a bonus.

Queue up inner-monologue, angst-driven self recriminations, only, well, it’s cute – too me.

Heavy in sarcasm, I like that.

“No, seriously. I’ve got so many skeletons in my closet they call me the crypt keeper.” Page 145.

Yes, always interesting.

“Revenge gets such a bad rap. I blame Shakespeare. All those great tragic heroes, bent on revenge and dying in their tights. Revenge, in moderation, is necessary.” Page 257.

Revenge may not always be best served cold.

Like the old coffee ad? Good to the last sentence.

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