Dishonorable Intentions

Dishonorable Intentions

Dishonorable Intentions – Stuart Woods

Epic foreshadowing in the first pages. Never seen that before, but then, I don’t read this type of novel for great depth. Did raise an intriguing question, how many Supreme Court judges are gay? No, I mean that might not know?

Private jets, expensive liquor, and age–appropriate lovers.

After reading over two dozen novels in this grouping, I still like my recent appellation, “The Hardy Boys for adults.” Or those of us adult aged.

Fast cars, fast boats, yacht clubs, foreign intrigue, and plenty of age–appropriate women in his life?

Some things never change.

Gripping, for me, tight plot, with a twist? Halfway through, pretty sure we see this one coming, but….

Perhaps it’s always been there, but some literary foreshadowing, kind of obvious, but with the absolutely taut plot–line, it didn’t matter.

Read the book in an afternoon, still a hugely enjoyable experience. I got to study this author’s pacing; for me, it’s gripping — perfect plot pacing.

Dishonorable Intentions – Stuart Woods

Dishonorable Intentions (A Stone Barrington Novel)


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