Valentines Day Champagne

Valentines Day Champagne

Part of my day job is helping pick propitious and potentially profitable dates — astrological timing. Kind of my thing.

Running around Austin with an old buddy the other afternoon, I was reminded that I was consulted about the best time to conceive — with the original stated goal to wind up with a Sagittarius male child. The whims of the Fates are funny like that.

“You guys are so lucky,” she moaned. Brother, husband, and me, all examples.

“In my next life, I want to be a Sagittarius. A November Sag., luckiest of the bunch.”

New moon, dark moon, void moon, full moon, Mercury — or other planets — not retrograde. Pieces of puzzles, all looking for the best time. It’s part of my craft; astrological timing is my thing.

An avowed amateur with a fairly decent working knowledge of astrological and esoteric principles was taking issue with some dates and timing I picked.

The deal is? This year? There aren’t a lot of great dates and I was tasked with picking the best within a narrow window. The best date was a Sunday at 4 in the morning or something. No state offices are open for filing incorporation papers, and doctors tend to not do elective surgeries at such times, too.

So back to the buddy trying to get knocked up and timing? When she finally conceived I asked, “Mars? Venus? Jupiter?”

Date and time? Action. Reaction, consequences?

“Moon sign?”

Baby–making, at best, like a newborn itself, is an inexact science.

Valentines Day Champagne

It’s a Virgo thing — her and the husband, now baby–daddy, they took a day, or rather a night, off from trying to conceive.

What I have to balance are reasonable working hours against a fully screwy astrological mileau for picking dates.

Valentines Day Champagne

There’s reasonable, common sense leavened against idealized astrological conditions, and for a year like this ? It’s the best of the uncomfortable times — making the most of what’s there.

One of the tenets I hew with alacrity? Watching the mercurial periods because some actions are clearly unavoidable when Mercury is retrograde. Is that bad?

If only there was text to help define, understand, and exploit such moments for the greater good.

Portable Mercury Retrograde

And a good time to buy it?

Valentines Day Champagne

As far as timing? Even I know that certain events transcend the influences of the planets.

Like Valentines Day Champagne — can’t argue with tangible proof and success.

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